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Flexiloop Carrier Bag for Life

flexiloopmanufacturerWe manufacture flexi loop carrier bags at our factory in Nottingham especially for the UK and European market. The flexi loop bag for life comes in all shapes, sizes and colours it really is up to you. Most of our clients for flexi loop bags are Supermarkets or smaller grocery stores, also many other types of retail and promotional companies use them.

They are often considered as an up market version of the carrier bag, as they are stronger and of better quality than the everyday single use carrier bag. Flexi loop carrier bags are when all said and done plastic carrier bags with handles bonded on to them, but they are often re-used and this gives them the ability to be known as the most common bag for life being used today.

Flexi loop carrier bags for life are cost effective as they are still relatively cost effective to produce and they are strong enough to be reused may times over, what makes them more successful as bags for life is that the major supermarkets often encourage their customers to buy and use these bags and in many cases will replace them for free when they become too worn to re-use.

One of the many options available on the flexi loop carrier bag is the choice of handle colour, which can also be used as part of the design. Most flexi loop carrier bags are printed to the clients requirement, this usually involves a four colour print process and can cover the whole of the bag on both sides. Other variations are also available to match your requirements or budget.




Specification: Polythene / Flexiloop / LDPE / HDPE
Choice of sizes Min. size 254 x 305. Max. size 660 x 610 + gusset.
Printing Process (T.O.T Style) from 5000. 100% coverage available
Colour Large range of film colours
Order Quantity Min. 1000 2 sides in 4 colours
Min. 1000 Variloop in 180/360, 200/400 & 250/500 (White only)
Min. 5000 100% coverage
5000 upwards Min. size 254 x 305
Material 180 - 400 mono gauge and varigauge 180/360 - 250/500
Delivery 7-21 working days
Notes Choice of coloured loops