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Canvas Bags

canvas bag for life


Canvas Bags are seen as an eco friendly option and can look ethically correct and even trendy. They come in all shapes and sizes and are a good bag for life option.

They tend to cost slightly more than some of the other options but are great for reuse and can last a long time due to their flexibility and strength.

Often not printed but dyed the canvas bag for life is extremely popular with the end user, in many cases our clients will use a dyed bag with only a small logo or less printing on the bag itself as it is more popular with the end user and encourages reuse of the bag, thereby making it more eco friendly.


Canvas Bags Key attributes:

Strong, durable, cushioning, flexible, soft, eco friendly, reusable.

Used by many grocery retailers, private companies, promoting recycling and other environmental initiatives.







Specification: Canvas Bags
Choice of sizes Made to order
Printing 4 colour process
Colour Dyed to order
Order Quantity Min. 3000
Material 80-100gsm
Delivery 6 or 12 weeks
Note Available in numerous colours dyed to your needs