Welcome to Bag For Life we offer a wide choice of bags for life, to contact us please us on (0115) 941 0600.

Here at Bag for Life we have a vastly experienced team who will assist you at every stage of your purchase, They are both technically skilled and have a deep industry knowledge that will ensure you get the highest quality carrier bags at the very best price possible.

The most important factor being that you the customer get exactly what you want in the quickest and most effective way, you can rely on the team at Oversolve to guide you where necessary to ensure everything runs smoothly and to plan.

Please see below for a brief introduction to see of our key personnel...


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Steven Thornhill
Managing Director

Steven has been involved with the business from its inception . With 30 years' experience in the packaging world there is not much he doesn’t know about carrier bags.

Email steven.thornhill@oversolve.co.uk

Production Director

Ian has been involved with the company since day one. Controls the factory production and has a wealth of experience in the workings of all the machines employed here and keeps them going to meet deadlines and production targets . Our YES man is always willing to meet customers impossible delivery challenges

Email ian.brinkler@oversolve.co.uk

Carl Hughes

Our longest serving sales person. Carl joined us from a plate repro graphics back ground and has enjoyed seeing the company grow and venture from manufacturing into international product sourcing . A big fan of his beloved Manchester City

Email carl.hughes@oversolve.co.uk

Phillip Perkins


Phil joined us seven years ago .bringing a wealth of sales experience in the packing world having been in the industry since 1988 . Phil's knowledge of our products and International procurement has pushed Oversolve into a new era sourcing many other products other than just carrier bags

Email philip.perkins@oversolve.co.uk

Mark Kay
Sales - Northern Office

Mark run’s Oversolve ’s Northern office in Manchester and has been supplying carrier bags and packaging for over 10 years. He is the ideal person if you need a visit or if it’s just a general chat to discuss your packaging requirements and quotations, Mark is always ready to help.

Email oversolvemk@live.co.uk

Rachel Wightman

Rachel another long serving (or suffering) member of the team has the unenviable task of trying to get companies to part with their money a thankless task he says. She's the lady that pays the bills as well so if you’re a supplier keep her happy (Likes wine and chocolates hint hint !)

Email rachel.wightman@oversolve.co.uk

Beverly Thompson

Bev is our answer to Eddie Stobbart ! sorting our deliveries from 1 carton to China or a full trailer load to one of our many clients . Always helpful making sure our deliveries are on time
The link between our production team and customers a vital role and vast experience in letting the customer know what's happening. An avid knitter as well so if you need a new jumper or hat ask nicely and you may be lucky !

Email beverley.thompson@oversolve.co.uk