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Frequently Asked Questions

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Bag for Life has different meanings to different people, we believe that a bag for life is simply a reusable bag that will reduce the need for single use plastic carrier bags. It is vitally important the bags are both strong and of a high enough quality to encourage re-use by the end user, as that is the true value of a bag for life.

The main benefits of supplying bags for life to your customers are numerous. Besides the alignment of your brand with an eco friendly image, you will actually be helping to reduce the use a plastic carrier bags. Helping to save the environment is a personal choice but the more options people who get involved the better it will be for everyone.

A bag for Life can inspire customer loyalty, raise brand awareness and help to project an ethical image for your brand. For the small additional cost of supplying a bag for life instead of a cheap single use carrier bag, you get benefits that will help your business long term, especially including the association of quality with your brand, it can set your business apart from the crowd.


There is always a cost associated to quality products, but in the case of bag for life the additional cost with using a re usable bag is often far less than you would think. The costs involved vary widely depending on what type of bag for life you choose, from plastic flexi loop carrier bags through to a personalised jute or cotton bag. Please speak to us to get a detailed quotation on any of our bags for life.

The short answer is yes! All of our bags for life can be supplied printed to fit your brand. There are some restrictions with certain types of bags so please speak to use first to make sure the bag you are interested in can be personalised in the way that you want.

Bag for Life can take longer to produce than standard single use carrier bags so it is always best to find out exactly how long it will take to produce the bags you want. A standard flexi loop handle carrier bag can be produced in the UK and can be produced in 3-4 weeks. Other bags such as Cotton bags or Jute bags may need to be imported and then over printed which can take longer, please speak to us before ordering as lead times can also vary at different times of the year.